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Smart Home - save energy easily and safely!

Make Your Home Smart

Simply swap out your existing switches and sockets - no new cables need to be pulled

A smart home in one day: new or existing building – very easy

Keep an eye on your heating and energy costs with the app for more savings and climate protection

Thanks to the innovative technology, upgrading is finally easy and inexpensive. Skimp on complexity but not on quality and convenience

Smart Home Made in Germany

Smart Home Made in Germany

Products and systems from JUNG are valued worldwide as guarantors of high, reliable quality. Developed and manufactured in the factories in Schalksmühle and Lünen, JUNG products combine innovation, functionality, durability and aesthetics. With production in Germany, JUNG relies on sustainable development and manufacturing processes, short logistics routes for suppliers and energy-efficient production.

Start with just a light switch or a socket

Start with just a light switch or a socket

With the JUNG HOME system, you can make your home smart with just one item, whether it's a light switch or socket. All system inserts, attachments and sockets are based on the conventional 230 volt installation. This means that every home, whether existing or new, already meets the requirements for a digital infrastructure.

  • Classic planning, wiring & assembly

  • Attachments are attached and are immediately functional

  • Flush-mounted system inserts are selected as required and installed as usual.

  • A smartphone with the JUNG HOME app is sufficient for commissioning

  • The home is immediately “Smart Home ready”

You have the energy consumption in your hands

You have the energy consumption in your hands

The JUNG HOME sockets are available in two versions. Both can be switched using the JUNG HOME buttons, the app or at the socket itself.

See how much electricity your devices use. The JUNG HOME Energy socket measures the energy consumption and has many other functions, such as the power save function, in which standby consumers are switched off. Switching and measuring your energy consumption has never been so easy:

  • Multicolored backlit control button for switching the socket

  • 16 time programs, e.g. automatic summer or winter time changeover

  • Follow-up time, switch-on and switch-off delay

The JUNG HOME temperature control

The JUNG HOME temperature control

JUNG HOME offers you smart temperature control for your home. Regulate the temperature easily via app or voice command, energy-saving and needs-based.

The room thermostat detects a drop in temperature, e.g. when a window is opened, and switches the heating to frost protection mode. This saves you heating energy and money. Smart Climate protection!

  • manual and time-controlled regulation of the room temperature

  • 16 time programs for automatic heating

  • Activation and deactivation of individual time programs via the app

JUNG HOME at a glance

Light, shade, temperature: JUNG HOME essentially consists of system inserts, attachments and sockets. Locally networked via Bluetooth mesh.

JUNG HOME at a glance
Online or offline, YOU have the choice

Online or offline, YOU have the choice

With Bluetooth, no internet is required. JUNG HOME works locally. Using the JUNG HOME app, you connect all devices to your smartphone and assign them to different rooms or consumers. This gives you an easy smart system at home. The JUNG HOME Gateway will be available from autumn 2023.

At JUNG HOME, safety always comes first. The most important security features are 128-bit AES data encryption, which is equivalent to bank security. This means that your data stays exclusively on your smartphone and within your own four walls!

If you do want to go online so you can access your home from anywhere, use the JUNG HOME gateway. This enables voice control of all JUNG HOME devices as well as connected smart solutions from other brand manufacturers. You can also operate JUNG HOME remotely using the Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant apps.


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All functions at a glance

Want more comfort and security in your own home? Use energy more efficiently, reduce electricity costs and make a contribution to climate protection? With this system, you can enjoy all the benefits of Smart Home without the usual hassle.
Exchange the switches and sockets flexibly as needed
Use the switches with battery supply for additional switches without new cables
Operate everything conveniently via the JUNG HOME app, even without internet
Everything secure thanks to 128bit AES data encryption. Your data stays within your own four walls
Switch household devices energy-efficiently with smart sockets
View information about your energy consumption & set up scenes
Do you want to be able to access it while you're on the go? Use the Jung Cloud.
Use voice control from Alexa and Google through the JUNG Cloud and the gateway


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JUNG HOME system inserts

JUNG HOME system inserts

If you don't build on an existing system, but reassemble your electrical installation, the implementation takes place as usual as a flush-mounted installation. With JUNG HOME you can implement small to large smart home installations, because the entire system is scalable. You simply add further functions room by room or floor by floor.

  • Using the existing 230 volt installation

  • Light, shading & temperature: The selection depends on the desired function

  • A smartphone and the JUNG Home app are sufficient for commissioning

  • The whole system works locally thanks to Bluetooth Mesh

Battery-powered pushbuttons for more switches without cables

Battery-powered pushbuttons for more switches without cables

These smart buttons can be placed independently of the 230 volt installation. They are used when no lines are available or cannot be laid. The smart buttons from JUNG connect automatically, e.g. with the JUNG HOME sockets.

These buttons are attached to smooth surfaces with the adhesive tape and have a service life of approx. 3 years thanks to a button battery. Individual control points can be expanded with the battery-powered buttons and a multiple frame.

The battery-powered buttons will be available from autumn 2023.


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